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What is the Tool Switcher within the platform?

The Tool Switcher is the topmost toolbar navigation.  It will appear for use when launching any of the platform tools (that are mentioned below).  NOTE: while all tool icons will be viewable, only purchased and/or permissible tools will be functional for you as a user.

Minitab Connect - - Google Chrome

1. Open Base Tool

This opens the Base Tool. The Base Tool is where you can modify the base structure of the Table. This contains all Fields, what type of Fields they are, and the Connection info if the Table is created using a Connection.

2. Open Flow Tool

This opens the Flow Tool. The Flow Tool is where you can build processes to run automatically.

3. Open Prep Tool

This opens the Prep Tool. The Prep Tool is where you can create, modify, and run anything that deals with that particular Table. It will show all the ways that data is inserted into the Table as well as how and where it is sent to.

4. Open Visualize Tool

This opens the Visualize Tool. The Visualize Tool is where you can build visualizations off of the Views that have been created in the Prep Tool.

5. Open SPC Tool

This opens the SPC Tool. The SPC Tool allows you to set up and view Statistical Control Charts and tests.  Control Charts help you to monitor process stability over time so that you can identify and correct instabilities in a process.

6. Open Audit Tool

This opens the Audit Tool.  The Audit Tool allows you to view statistics of the Table (from what Field types are being used, to what data processes are being run on that Table).