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How do I create a Table using Drag & Drop?

Drag a File into the Minitab Connect User Interface.

For this example:

1. The File called "Sample_Data.xlx" is located on the Desktop screen.

2. We will "Drag & Drop" it into the Platform tool.


TMMData - - Google Chrome

Notice the "Drop File(s) Here" message shows in the Platform tool (as we "Drag & Drop" the File).

TMMData - - Google Chrome

Notice: The IMPORT FILE box will open (so we can save the File).

Create a Table.

  1. Choose "New Table" from the options.
  2. Name of the Table (maximum length is 44 characters and can not include a back tick [ ` ]).
  3. Enter a Description (optional).
  4. Choose what Folder the Table will reside in.
  5. Worksheet.
  6. Click Import when completed.
TMMData - - Google Chrome

Congratulations, the Table has been Imported!