How do I create a Table from Import?

Add a Table:

There are a couple ways to Add a Table:

Option 1: From the Home dashboard, click the Add button (below the Tables summary).

Navigate to the Table(s) Tools.

Option 2: From the Navigation menu, click the Tables option.

TMMData - - Google Chrome

Click the Add New Table.

TMMData - - Google Chrome

Enter Table Information.

  1. Name - What the Table is named.
  2. Description - What the description of the Table will be.
  3. Folder - What Folder the Table will be located in.
  4. Status - What is the status of the Table? (Development or Production)
  5. Backup - Do you want the Table to be backed up?
  6. Order By - What Field the Table is ordered by.
  7. Order Direction - Choose if the order is Ascending or Descending.
  8. Primary Date Field - What Field is the Primary Date Field in relation to the sorting on Dashboards.
  9. System Index Fields - This allows you to index one of the system Fields for quicker loads.
  10. Table Onload Javascript - Allows Javascript or HTML code to be loaded once when the Table is opened.
TMMData - - Google Chrome

Click the "File/Text/Template" to Import from the datasets.

- - Google Chrome

Select which "Import Type" to use.

Option 1: Using Text as the Import Type.

We selected Text for this example.

TMMData - - Google Chrome

We need to Paste Data into the blank.  Once you Paste Data into the box, the Preview will display.

TMMData - - Google Chrome

Use Copy and Paste.

1. Open a Document that has the Data.
Documentation progress... - Google Sheets - Google Chrome
2. Select and Copy your data.
Documentation progress... - Google Sheets - Google Chrome
3. Paste your data into the "Paste Data" text box.
TMMData - - Google Chrome

Click the Save icon.

TMMData - - Google Chrome



Option 2: Using a File as the Import Type.

We selected File for this example.

Creating the table by selecting a file.

Browse to your File.

Browse to your file.

Click Save.

Option 3: Using a Template as the Import Type.

1. We selected Template for this example.

- - Google Chrome

2. Browse to your File.  

Notice the message: "Items such as Field Types, Data Processes, Connections, and Custom Implementation may need modified after import."

- - Google Chrome

3. Select a Share option:

If we select None, then there are no further selections that need made.

- - Google Chrome

If we select Limit, notice that we can then select who to Share it with from the User Group(s).

- - Google Chrome

Click Save.

Congratulations, your Table is set up.