How do I create a Table SQL Field?

1. Locate the Field.

1. Click to Add a Field.

2. Or, edit an existing Field.  Calc Field is the example we used here.

- - Google Chrome

2. Set Custom SQL to Yes.

Edit the field and click Save.

3. Click on the <> symbol.

Open the Table Info sandwich and select save.

4. Enter what you would like to be in the Mashup Field.

This can be as simple as text or a number, or it can be custom SQL.


    1. Click to select any of the available options along the top.

    2. Values - select any of the Fields in the drop down.  

    3. SQL - enter plain text or a number (make sure to use single quotes around your entry).

    4. Click Save when completed.

Create New Mashup Value

5. Save the Table.

- - Google Chrome

Congratulations, the Field has been created with your SQL!