What are the Base Tool Elements?


1. Toolbar

The same tool icons are available at the top and bottom

2. Table Info

3. Field Info

4. Connector Info

5. Tool Switcher

TMMData - my.tmmlog.in - Google Chrome

6. Title Menu

The Name (or Title) is "Sample Data" for this example.

TMMData - my.tmmlog.in - Google Chrome

The Folder it is contained in is "Manage Tables" for this example.

There is a Show Alarms icon.  You can select the specific Table(s) and the Type(s) of Alarm(s) to set.

There is a Toggle Notes Tool icon.  You can "Toggle" ON or OFF with the same button.

TMMData - my.tmmlog.in - Google Chrome

There is an Add to Collection icon.  You can add to an existing Collection, or add a new Collection.

There is also a Close icon.  It will close the current tool being used.