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How do I create a Raw to Clean Mapping?

Raw to Clean Mapping allows you to create a "rule" that will do a mass find and replace (when data is inserted into a table inside Minitab Connect). This can be used to "normalize" entries that come from different sources.

1. Open the Flow Tool, then click the Input(s) tab.

2. Click the (+) Add symbol (beside Raw to Clean Mapping).

3. Fill out the Info for the mapping:

      Name - What name you would like the mapping to have.

      Tables - What tables you want this mapping to be on. You can select as many tables as needed.

      Raw - This is the value you are looking to replace.

      Clean - This is the value you want to replace with.

      Case Sensitive - Choose whether the raw should be case sensitive or not.

4. Click the Save icon.

- - Google Chrome

Congratulations, you have created a Raw to Clean Mapping!