What Tools are on the Toolbar?

We will be looking within the context of the Flow Tool.


TMMData - my.tmmlog.in - Google Chrome

1. Open/Close Configuration Tool

This Opens and Closes the Configuration Tool. You can build Flows by navigating between the different tabs.

  • Notice the small arrow points to the Right (to expand the Configuration Tool) or to the Left (to hide the Configuration Tool).
TMMData - my.tmmlog.in - Google Chrome
TMMData - my.tmmlog.in - Google Chrome

2. Reset

This will Reset the New Flow section. Use this to quickly revert changes, or start a new Flow.

3. Save

This will Save your current Flow.

4. Save As

This will make a Copy of your current Flow (it will Save As something else).

5. Run

This will Run your currently selected Flow.

6. Delete

This will Delete your currently selected Flow.