What tools are on the Toolbar?

Tool Bar Tools:

1. Hide/Show

This button will Hide/Show the Configuration Tool on the left side of the Prep Tool. The Configuration Tool contains Filters, Sort Orders, and many other tools to manipulate your View of the data. This will be covered in greater detail in another chapter.

2. Reset Configuration

This button will Reset your current configuration (to what the Table looked like when you opened it). This will clear out any Filters, Sorts, and Preps that you currently have set. Use this to quickly return to the original Table and Reset any changes you have made to the View.

3. Save

This button will Save your current configuration as a View. You can quickly open up a View from the Save(s) tab on the Configuration Tool.

4. Run

This Runs your current configuration in the Configuration Tool. Unless you have Auto Run toggled on, you will have to hit this after each change you make in the Configuration Tool.

5. Auto Run Toggle

This is a toggle to turn Auto Run On/Off.  When Auto Run is turned on, it will automatically update the View when you make any changes in the Configuration Tool.

6. Add Record

This opens the Add Record modal. From this modal you can easily Add Records to the Table.

7. Copy Record(s)

This opens the Copy Record(s) modal. From here you can Copy and Edit records as a copy.

8. Edit As Text

This opens the Edit As Text modal. From here you can Copy & Paste the text into a spreadsheet or notebook to edit. After the Edits have been made, just Copy & Paste the updated text back into the box, then hit Save.

9. Delete Record(s)

This opens the Confirm Deletion modal. If you have not selected any records in the Table then this will Delete the entire Table. There is a check box and red lettering to warn you that you will be Deleting the entire Table and you will have to confirm this decision.

10. Export

This opens the Export modal. From here you can create an Export to Save for later, or Run a quick Export of what your current View is.

11. Import

This opens the Import modal. From here you can Import a File from your computer, or Copy & Paste text (from a spreadsheet into the box given) to Import that text into the Table.

12. Save External

This opens the Save External modal. From this modal you can Save your current View (as a new Table, reference Table, or get a URL to send someone for an external View).

13. Save to Minitab

This opens the Save To Minitab modal allowing you to chose between Minitab 18 and Minitab 19 (versions) for direct opening in Minitab Statistical Software.

14. Conditional Formatting

This opens the Conditional Formatting modal. From this modal you can set up multiple Conditional Formats on the Table, and toggle them on or off.

15. Mass Transform/Mass Format

The Mass Transform/Mass Format tool enables you to choose the Field(s), the Format(s) and the Transform(s) that can be applied at a mass scale.

Under Fields you can choose the Type, or a specific Table.

Under Format, you can choose from Original, Text, Number, Date, and Sparkline.

Under Transform, you can choose which Prep you want applied as a Mass change.

16. Totals

This button toggles the Totals row at the bottom of your View. This row will give you all the Totals of any number Fields for the Page that you are on.

17. Orientation

This will change the Orientation of your View (vertical or horizontal).

18. Show SQL

This will open a modal that includes the SQL statements that are used to build the Table you are currently in.

19. Clear Filters

This will Clear any Filters you currently have active on the Table.

20. Read Only Notification

This will be marked if the Table is in a Read Only mode. This could be due to certain Fixes, or even if you only have "read access" to the Table.