What is Connect's Basic Interface?

1. Basic System Elements

Nav Menu
  1. Search Bar - Use this to search for a specific table/form.
  2. Home - This returns you to the Home Dashboard.
  3. Workspaces - This opens the Workspaces Navigation menu.
  4. Dashboards - This opens the Dashboards Navigation menu.
  5. Tables - This opens the Tables Navigation menu.
  6. Forms - This opens the Forms Navigation menu.
  7. Systems - This opens the Systems Navigation menu.
  8. Job(s) Run - This shows the amount of jobs ran within the past couple weeks.
  9. Disk Usage - This shows the disk usage over the past couple weeks.

1.2. Home Button

1.3. Customer Menu

Customer Menu
  1. Customer Info - This opens the Customer Info modal.
  2. System Notification - This opens the System Notification modal.
  3. Performance Log - This opens the Performance Log table.
  4. Activity Log - This opens the Activity Log table.
  5. Job(s) Status (All) - This opens the Job Status table.
  6. User(s) Status - This opens the User Status modal.
  7. Database Status - This opens the Database Status table.
  8. Database SQL Editor - This opens the Database SQL Editor.

1.4. Home Dashboard

  1. Scheduled Processes - This is a list of all Scheduled Processes and if they ran sucessfully. If they errored, hovering over will show the error.
  2. Connections - This s list of any tables built off of a connections that are scheduled to refresh. If something has failed to refresh it will show up in red.
  3. Tables - This shows how many tables are currently active and a quick button to create a new table.
  4. Dashboards - This shows how many Dashboards are currently active and a quick button to create a new Dashboards.
  5. Recent Tables - This shows the tables that you have recently opened.
  6. Recent Dashboards - This shows the dashboards you have recently opened.
  7. Points - This chart shows point usage broken down by day for the last couple days.
  8. Records - This chart shows records added broken down by day for the last couple days.

1.5. User Menu

User Menu
  1. Account Settings - This opens the Account Settings modal.
  2. Notifications Settings - This opens the Notification Settings modal.
  3. Job(s) Status (Mine) - This opens the Job Status table and sets it to only show your jobs.
  4. Change User - This allows you to ghost as another user. (Admin only)
  5. Support - This opens the Support form.
  6. Documentation - This opens the product documentation.
  7. Refresh Screen - This refreshes your screen.
  8. Lock Screen - This locks Connect and will require you to enter your password top continue.
  9. Logout - This logs you out of Connect.

1.6. Window Switcher

Window Switcher allows you to quickly swap between different tables and system tools as well as use the Split Viewer.

1.7. Notifications

This is where all of your notifications appear including errors.