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How do I create a Table using a connection? (Version 1.1)

Navigate to the Table(s) Tools.

2. Or open the Navigation menu...

TMMData - - Google Chrome

Locate and select the "Tables" option from the menu...

TMMData - - Google Chrome

Locate and select "Add New Table" from the options in the menu...

TMMData - - Google Chrome

3. Enter Table Information.

  1. Name - What the Table is named.
  2. Description - What the description of the Table will be.
  3. Folder - What folder the Table will be located in.
  4. Status - What is the status of the Table? (Development or Production)
  5. Backup - Do you want the Table to be backed up?
  6. Order By - What Field the Table is ordered by.
  7. Order Direction - Choose if the order is Ascending or Descending.
  8. Primary Date Field - What Field is the primary date Field in relation to the sorting on Dashboards.
  9. System Index Fields - This allows you to index one of the system Fields for quicker loads.
  10. Table Onload Javascript - Allows Javascript or HTML code to be loaded once when the Table is opened.
TMMData - - Google Chrome

4. Select what connection you wish to use from the Datasets.

By typing into the Search Box you can quickly find the connection you are looking for. Once you find the one you wish to use, click on it to continue the process.

5. Select your Connection Setup

Connection - This allows you to select whether you wish to create a new connector of this type or use one already created.

Update Frequency - Choose what Frequency you wish the Table to update. (This can be changed later.)

Select the connector

6. Go through the steps of creating the Table.

These steps will vary depending on which connector you have chosen. If you need any assistance with these steps, reach out to your project manager or drop us an email at and one of our support specialists will assist you.

7. Once you have finished the steps indicated Click Save.


8. Congratulations, your Table is created and the connector is retrieving your data.

Depending on what connector you are using, it could take a couple hours for the data to be imported into the Table. The platform will send you a notification when the data has been successfully imported.