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How do I create a Table using Drag & Drop? (Version 1.1)

Drag the file over the UI.

For this example, we can see:

1. the File called "Documentation progress..." is located on my Desktop screen...

2. we will "Drag & Drop" it into the Platform tool...


Notice the "Drop File(s) Here" message shows in the Platform tool, as we "Drag & Drop" the File...

Notice the "IMPORT FILE" box that opens, so we can save the File in the Platform tool.

Create the Table

  1. Choose "New Table"...
  2. Name of the Table (Max length is 44 characters and can not include a back tick [ ` ])
  3. Enter a description.  (Optional)
  4. Choose what folder the table will reside in.
  5. Worksheet.
  6. Click Import.

Congratulations, the table has been imported!