Documentation and SupportV6 User Manual TablesHow do I create a Horizontal Mashup Table? (Version 1.1)

How do I create a Horizontal Mashup Table? (Version 1.1)

1. Click on the "Add" button (located below the Tables icon) - from the home dashboard...

Navigate to the Table(s) Tools.

2. Or open the Navigation menu...

TMMData - - Google Chrome

Locate and select the "Tables" option from the menu...

TMMData - - Google Chrome

Click on the "Add New Table" option in the menu...

TMMData - - Google Chrome

3. Enter Table Information.

  1. Name - What the table is named.
  2. Description - What the description of the table will be.
  3. Folder - What folder the table will be located in.
  4. Status - What is the status of the table? (Development or Production)
  5. Backup - Do you want the table to be backed up?
  6. Order By - What Field the table is ordered by.
  7. Order Direction - Wether the order is Ascending or Descending.
  8. Primary Date Field - What Field is the primary date Field in relation to the sorting on Dashboards.
  9. System Index Fields - This allows you to index one of the system Fields for quicker loads.
  10. Table Onload Javascript - Allows Javascript or HTML code to be loaded once when the table is opened.
TMMData - - Google Chrome

4. Click Mashup from the datasets.

5. Select the Type of Join.

For this example we will select 'Only Matched Records'.

Only Matched Records
Select the tables you wish to join and choose on what field they will link.

7. Select which Field(s) you wish to join on.

7.1. Select the Field from the primary table.

Select Field

Note there is a suggested Field to link on based off of name of Field.

Select Field
Add Link

9. Select the Advanced tab.

When finished linking, click next.

10. Modify your Fields, if desired.  

From here you can rename Fields, move Fields, and also turn Off/On the Visibility of the Field(s)...

TMMData - - Google Chrome

To demonstrate changing the order of the Field(s)...

we will grab the "Browser" Field near the eyeball image...

Click and drag the Field to the order that you want it in...

For our example, we will drop it between the 1st and 2nd Fields listed here...

TMMData - - Google Chrome

We can also turn Off/On the Visibility of the Field (with the eyeball icon)...

TMMData - - Google Chrome

11. Hit Save.

TMMData - - Google Chrome

12. Congratulations, the table has been saved!