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How do I Freeze column(s)? (Version 1.1)

1. Right click the header to open the Header Menu.

For this example, of the FREEZE feature, we will use some "fake data" from Mockaroo... (Mockaroo generates random "fake" data to use as examples for testing tools or doing documentation, etc.)


We will select a Column (the one labeled "City" will work for our example)...

You can either left-click, or right-click the word "City"... both methods will open the same menu...

TMMData - - Google Chrome

2. Select Freeze from the menu...

TMMData - - Google Chrome

3. Congratulations, the field and any fields to the left of it are frozen.

Notice that the system adds a color to the Columns that are "Frozen" so you can visually be reminded that it is frozen...


We will scroll to the right (the area with the green box and green arrow), and we can see that the Columns to the right are NOT "Frozen" in place.

If you want to turn OFF the "Freeze" feature, simply click the Column title and select "Unfreeze" from the menu.

TMMData - - Google Chrome