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How do I Export a File to Email? (Version 1.1)

1. Exporting a file to Email.

1.1. Click Export on the Toolbar.

Click the Tools Menu.

1.2. Fill out the Export Modal.

1.2.1. Fill out the Information section.

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  1. Export - What export you are running or if it is a new export.
  2. Name - Name of the export.
  3. View - What view will be used for the export.
  4. Delivery - Which delivery method will be used for the export. (Connection, Email, File, Web)
  5. Share To - Select who you would like to share the export with.

1.2.2. Select your Delivery settings.

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  1. File Type - Choose what format of file you wish to get.
  2. File Name - What you want the file named.
  3. File Compression - What compression you wish to use, if any.
  4. PGP/GPG Encryption - Choose if you wish to have PGP/GPG encryption. If you do what is your Public Key and what type of signature you wish to have.
  5. Add the email addresses you wish to send to, separated by a comma.
  6. The subject of the email.
  7. The body of the email.

1.2.3. Select your Advanced options.

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  1. Header - Allows you to set a Header of the file.
  2. Footer - Allows you to set a Footer of the file.
  3. Limit - Allows you to limit the amount of records you receive in the file.
  4. Split - Allows you to set a custom character(s) to represent splits.
  5. Custom Line Ending - Allows you to set a custom character(s) to represent line breaks.
  6. Custom File Extension - Allows you to set a custom file extension. (Note: This does not change the type of file)
  7. Records Per File - Allows you to set how many records per file will be exported. This is used for 'chunking' large tables into much smaller files.
  8. Dropdown Display{Value} - Allows you to set whether your key value pairs get exported as their Display value or the actual DB Value.

1.3. Click Save (to save the export) or Run (to export immediately).

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