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How do I Copy & Paste data into a Form? (Version 1.1)

If you do not see this button, the form has no paste functionality.

TMMData - - Google Chrome
TMMData - - Google Chrome

2. You should see this window appear.

The highlighted text area is where your paste data will go.

TMMData - - Google Chrome

3. Copy data from source.

For each label in the form, there should be a corresponding header in your paste data. If you use a source other than excel, ensure it is tab-delimited.

Documentation... The Fix Tool - Google Sheets - Google Chrome

4. Paste into the text box (using the Control-V keys).

Notice that you CAN expand the size of the "Data" display box (where the item is marked in green)...

TMMData - - Google Chrome

You can also select the "PREVIEW" button (to take a look at how the content will display in the table)...

TMMData - - Google Chrome

To submit the data into the table, push the "IMPORT" button...

TMMData - - Google Chrome

5. You've successfully pasted data from a form!

If your form has an Export set up, you'll see all the rows you've submitted in their table format.