What is in the General Information tab?

  1. Type - What type of table this is.
  2. Description - The description of this table.
  3. Status - The status of the this table.
  4. Average Rating - This shows the average rating, deemed by user ratings given in the Collabrative Space.
  5. Identifiers - The ID and GUID of this table.
  6. Owner - What user owns the table.
  7. Backup Schedule - What the current backup schedule of this table is.
  8. Last Backup - Date and Time the table backed up last.
  9. Created - Date and Time the table was created.
  10. Last Updated - Date and Time the table was last updated or records were added.
  11. Primary Date Field - What field is being used as the Primary Date Field.
  12. Number of Records - How many records the table contains.