Documentation and SupportV6 User Manual ConnectorsHow do I create a Google DoubleClick Connector?

How do I create a Google DoubleClick Connector?

1. Go to the Navigation.


2. Select the System Menu.


3. Select the Connections Menu.


4. Click on 'Add New Connection'.

Add New Connection

5. Fill in the info and choose what type of connection.

  1. Name - Type in the desired name.
  2. Description - Type in the desired description of the connector. (Optional)
  3. Type - Choose what type of connector you wish to create. You can search by typing in this box to find the connector you are looking for and then click on it. For this article we will be choosing the Google DCM connector (DoubleClick).

6. Authorize Google.

Click on the Authorize Google button.


7. A window will pop up for you to choose which account you wish to authorize.

8. Allow the access.

9. Click Save when finished.

Note the Authorize button is now Green.


10. Congratulations! You have made a Google DoubleClick Connector.