Documentation and SupportV6 User Manual TablesHow do I create a Table from Import?

How do I create a Table from Import?

1. Click on the Add Table from the home dashboard...

Navigate to the Table(s) Tools.

2. Or click on the Add New Table in the navigation.

Click the 'Add New' bubble.

3. Enter Table Information.

  1. Name - What the table is named.
  2. Description - What the description of the table will be.
  3. Folder - What folder the table will be located in.
  4. Status - What is the status of the table? (Development or Production)
  5. Backup - Do you want the table to be backed up?
  6. Order By - What field the table is ordered by.
  7. Order Direction - Wether the order is Ascending or Descending.
  8. Primary Date Field - What field is the primary date field in relation to the sorting on Dashboards.
  9. System Index Field - This allows you to index one of the system fields for quicker loads.
  10. Onload JS/HTML - Allows Javascript or HTML code to be loaded once when the table is opened.
Table Info

4. Click Import from the datasets.

Select Standard from the type drop down.

5. Create the table Using Copy and Paste

5.1. Open the Document.

5.2. Select and copy your data you wish to use.

5.3. Paste your data into the text box and hit Save.


6. OR creating the table by selecting a file.

6.1. Browse to your file and hit save.


7. Congratulations, your table is set up.