How do I create a Conditional Format?

1. Click the Conditional Formats button on the toolbar.

Navigate to the system tools.

2. Fill out the options.

  1. Name - Name of the Conditional.
  2. Fields - Select which fields will be changed by the Conditional.
  3. Background Color - Select the Background Color of the cell from a color picker.
  4. Font Color - Select the Font Color from a color picker.
  5. Font Style - Choose your Font Style.
  6. Font Size - Choose your Font Size.
  7. Tab Indent - "0" is the default, but you can select 1,2,3, or 4
  8. Alignment - "None" is the default, but you can select Left, Center, or Right
TMMData - - Google Chrome

3. Click on the Filter(s) tab.

TMMData - - Google Chrome

4. Fill out the filter that controls the Conditional Format.

See What are the available filter types? for more on how filters work. Note that REGEX is not currently supported in the filters for conditionals.

Select which Conditional Formatting you wish to edit.

5. Click Add New.

Edit the Conditional and click Save.

6. Select it from the Active Conditionals drop down to make it active.

TMMData - - Google Chrome
TMMData - - Google Chrome

7. Close the Conditional Formats modal.


8. Congratulations, you have created a Conditional Format!