Documentation and SupportV6 User Manual The Fix ToolHow do I manage what Order Fields are shown?

How do I manage what Order Fields are shown?

1. Open the Field(s) Tab in the Configuration Tool.

For our example, we can see that there are seven Field names shown in the image below:

Open the configuration tool by clicking the gears above the grid.

2. Click on the field you wish to move...

We chose the "Creative" Field (#3) for this example...

3. Drag it to where you want it.

We will move it above the other Field titles, for this example...

4. Click Run.

Once you click the "play" button to "run" the selected changes, then you will see that the Fields are displayed in the same order (in the table) that you put them in.

Click load at the bottom of the Configuration Tool.

5. Congratulations, the field has been moved.