Tool Switcher

1. Open Fix Tool

This opens the Fix Tool. The Fix Tool is where you can view and modify how you view the data.

2. Open Flare Tool

This opens the Flare Tool. The Flare Tool is our visualization tool and where you can build charts off of the views that have been created in Fix.

3. Open Flow Tool

This opens the Flow Tool. The Flow Tool is where you can create, modify, and run anything that deals with that particular table. It will show all ways that data is inserted into the table as well as how and where it is sent to.

4. Open File Tool

This opens the File Tool. The File Tool is where you can modify the base structure of the table. This contains all fields, what type of fields they are, and the connection info if the table is created using a connection.

5. Open Frame Tool

This opens the Frame Tool. The Frame Tool allows you to view statistics of the table, from what fields types are being used to what Data Processes are being ran on that table.