How do I create a user group?

1. Login to your Foundation Account and open the Navigation Tab.

Navigate to the system tools.

Foundation utilizes components from HighSoft's HighCharts.

3. Select User Groups.

4. Select Add New User Group.

Adding a New User Group.

5. Enter a Name for the user group.

Note: Description is an optional field.

Enter a Name for the user group.

6. Select what permissions the user group will have.

6.1. Click the Add Permission button.

Select what Tools you wish this user group to have access to.

6.2. Selecting the type of tool that you wish to create a permission for.

The permissions currently support the following types: Connection, Dashboard, Data Process, Field Type, Folder, Form, Plugin, Table, Table (Data), Themes, User, and User Groups. We will use Table as the example for this article.

Selecting options for Table Access.

6.3. Select what is going to be included in this permission.

This drop down is a multi select drop down. You can select all options that you wish to include in this permission.

6.4. Select your permissions.

There are four access types and you can choose multiple for this permissions.

  1. Read - The ability to look at the table, form, or tool
  2. Write - The ability to edit the table, form, or tool.
  3. Delete - The ability to delete the table, form, or tool.
  4. Execute - The ability to run processes or flows.

6.5. Once you have finished click Save.

6.6. This will create a separate entry for each table, form, or tool that you had selected.

To modify any of these you can go into the individual permissions to modify per entry.

7. Add any other permissions you wish to include and click Save.

8. Congratulations your User group is set up.