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Auto Importer Changes Improving Usability and Flexibility

Various improvements have been made to the Flow Tool's Auto Importer adding even more customization options and increasing accuracy.  Check out the system documentation article covering Auto Importer in its entirety.

Auto Importer data type detection upgraded.

The Flow Tool's Auto Importer data type detection has been optimized and now uses Monte Carlo sampling.  Simply stated, the Monte Carlo method uses random sampling to simulate a given system.  This approach is powerful, flexible and direct.

How does Monte Carlo sampling improve Auto Importer?

Monte Carlo sampling allows more accuracy when Auto Importer detects the data type of each column of data within an import.  Additionally, due to the direct nature of the simulation, Auto Importer performs these tasks more efficiently.  This equates to more time savings per import.

Three new Auto Import triggers added that can dramatically decrease chances of failed imports.

These new Auto Import triggers allow the user to import data with confidence.  One of the worst feelings is realizing that your import file and table are formatted differently- often leading to errors and even data loss.  These new triggers cope with the most common inconsistencies, saving the user time that previously would have been spent manicuring the file.  


The addnewcols trigger tells Auto Importer that the user wishes to add every column to the table that is in the file, but not the table.  Note: Columns that have been renamed in the file will be treated as new columns if this trigger is set.

Example: fileName_addnewcols.csv


The adjustfields trigger tells Auto Importer that it should automatically adjust data types and lengths if needed.  Utilizes the nopad options to force read the full file to determine data types and lengths without padding.

Example: fileName_adjustfields.csv


The autoadjust trigger has the effect of using both previous triggers.  Any new columns found in the file will be added to the target table and data types and lengths are adjusted as needed.

Example: fileName_autoadjust.csv

Want to learn more about the Flow Tool's Auto Importer?  Click here to access the system documentation detailing it!