HubSpot Connector Now Available!

How to make a new HubSpot Connection:

First click the 'System' Icon.

Click on the 'Connections' System Tool.

Click on the 'Add New Connections' button (+).

Fill out the required information in the 'Add New Connection' modal.

  1. Name: The name of the Connection within the system.
  2. Description: Any information to be included about the Connection.
  3. Type: The type of Connection to be created. Select HubSpot here.
  4. Authorize HubSpot: Click here after completing the modal information.

The HubSpot Login window will open.

  1. Email Address: Enter your HubSpot username/email here.
  2. Password: Enter your HubSpot password here.
  3. Sign In With Google: You can also authenticate with your Google Account.

After you log in to HubSpot your Connection with be Authenticated.

Click Save to complete the Connection creation process!