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Scheduled Jobs Have Been Converted Into Flows

What exactly IS a Flow?

Flows are one of newer features. Linear data processes connected to a specific Table that help you control and visualize the different moving ETL parts associated with a data set. You can view all these ETL parts (imports, transormations, view, exports) and organize/schedule them in "Flows" using the Flow view of any Table.

How is that different from a Scheduled Job?

Scheduled Jobs are very similar to Flows, but are a much older feature with a few differences.  

  • Unlike a Flow, a Scheduled Job is not tied to a specific Table.
  • A Scheduled Job only has a few different type of tasks. A Flow can have all of those tasks, as well as many more options.
  • A Scheduled Job can only be "Scheduled". It runs on a certain time-based interval.
  • A Flow can be "Scheduled", run manually, or set to execute based on other events in the system.

What is changing and why?

We made the decision to deprecate the Scheduled Jobs feature and convert all existing Scheduled Jobs to Flows.

  • Because Flows offer certain advantages, such as:
    • Being clearly tied to a given data set.
    • Giving substantially more options in terms of:
      • Tasks that you may run
      • Ways that Flows may be Scheduled.


How will this affect my use of the Foundation Platform?

If you are used to working with Scheduled Jobs under the System -> Scheduled Jobs navigation, you find them in a new place.  Because these old Scheduled jobs were not tied to a Table, you will find a new Table created at the root level of the Tables navigation.  In the Flow view on this Table, you will find a Flow for each of the Scheduled Jobs that existed previously.  If left untouched, this flow will continue to run on the same schedule and perform the same tasks as the old Scheduled Job.

You do *not* need to do *anything* if you want your automated processes to run as before.

Previously, all "Connector Tables" that were scheduled to refresh on a reoccurring basis had a "hidden" Scheduled Job associated with them that did not appear anywhere in the navigation.  You will now find a Flow for each of these in the Flow view of that Table.  Again, you do *not* need to do *anything* to make sure this Table continues to refresh as normal. It will keep running as it always has, you just have more visibility into that process and access to modify it now.