Bug Fixes

Adding a field to the top of an existing table now properly functions.

Editing a cell no longer unfreezes the columns.

Updated WYSIWYG editor.

Date fields will now accept ~empty~ as a value.

Long text fields will now update properly when changed using the Edit Records modal.

Refresh Table business rule now works properly with FTP connectors.

Multiple fixes to filters.

Multiple FTP import fixes.

Notification business rule now properly shows all Users/User Groups when Limited Users is selected.

Adobe Data Warehouse connector now runs post BPs.

Inactive User Key's can no longer access API.

Hover text in the Window Switcher now appears properly after closing and reopening the Window Switcher.

UI now properly displays Show Previous Task option in the Email business rule.

Pasting into the Edit Record(s) modal now saves properly.

User Groups no longer overrule Admin status.

Multiple fixes to Mashup tables when renaming fields.

Fixed multiple errors when a field name contains an apostrophe, also known as a single quote.

Charts built off of pivots now properly update.

Transform business rule now works properly.

UI refresh updated for pivot fields.

Record counts in 'web' exports now properly show the correct counts.

Drag and drop imports now fully honor which Excel worksheet to import.

Fixed issue when using more than two tables in a vertical mashup.

Group Configuration now defaults to 'none' when creating a Horizontal Mashup table.

Mashup Values are now properly escaped in saved views.