Bug Fixes

1. Mashup tables can now use the same table for the mashup.

2. Resaving mashups no longer throws error.

3. Adding a New Field to a connector table now properly saves.

4. Files imported using the Email connector now trigger Custom Fields to fire.

5. When selecting a default view, 'None' now shows up properly.

6. System subscription notifications now properly take you to the table when clicked.

7. Business Rules now properly open when it contains an 'OR' filter.

8. 'Use Field Configuration Format' checkbox now functions properly.

9. File Fields now append properly.

10. Current Filter on exports now function correctly.

11. Renaming a field that a mashup table uses for a filter will no longer throw error.

12. Joined tables are now properly filled in the Table System Tool.

13. Fixed a Form System Tool refresh issue.

14. Fixed a UI issue with Exports not showing when in a Business Rule.

15. You can now properly clear the end date of a scheduled job.

16. Multiple remote beacon fixes.

17. Table View is now properly filled in when editing a dashboard element.

18. Resaving a view also preserves the Share To settings.

19. The search bar now works on dashboards.

20. Email connector now imports XLSX attachments properly.

21. Update Dat/Time now updates properly when modifying multiple rows.

22. When adding a Custom SQL Business Rule to a Process that already has one, it will no longer populate the code from the first.

23. When creating a Business Process from the Visualizer, the table is automatically selected.

24. UI will now properly display Index Fields.

25. You can properly Order and Filter on all Mash-up fields.

26. Notifications no longer stick in Chrome when you are in another tab.

27. FTP Import connector now accepts spaces in the directory.

28. Negative numbers can now be imported.