Bug Fixes

1. Add new BP no longer hangs inside the visualizer.

2. Horizontal Mashups now filter correctly on Date fields from the parent tables.

3. Deleting a customer now sets all of the associated data to inactive.

4. When navigating between a parent and child BP, the BP fields are correctly displayed.

5. When a form is deleted, the associated URL is now blocked.

6. Special characters in the field name will no longer throw error.

Please check documentation for which characters are prohibited from being in a field name.

7. Bugs that deal with scrolling inside modals have been fixed.

8. Multiple fixes for WYSIWYG editors.

9. Filter keywords will no longer stick when clearing filter.

10. Fixed a minor bug when adding fields to connector tables.

11. Opening a table from a Notification will no longer hang.

12. Mashup Fields will now sort correctly.

13. Multiple fixes for Reference tables and 'From Table' drop downs.

14. Forms now honor if you marked 'Contains Headers' to Yes.