What are the Fix(Grid View) Configurator elements?

  1. Open/Close Configurator - This toggles the Configurator tool.
  2. Reset Grid - Thsi resets the grid to have no configs..
  3. Save View - This saves your current config as a View.
  4. Run View - Runs the config you have set.
  5. Field(s) Tab - This tab contains all the fields of the table.
  6. Filter(s) Tab - This tab contains all of the filters.
  7. Sort(s) Tab - This tab contains all the tools to change the sort order.
  8. Save(s) Tab - This tab contains all of your saved views.

Field(s) Tab

  1. Add Field - Adds a field to the view, this includes mashup fields.
  2. Hide Field - Hide a field from the view.
  3. Format - Changes the format of the field.
  4. Prep - Allows you to change the aggregate of the field.
  5. Remove Field - Remove a field from the view.
  6. Remove All Fields - Remove all fields from the view.

Filter(s) Tab

  1. Filter On Original Data - This filters on the raw data in the table.
  2. And/Or Toggle - This toggles wether the filter is an 'And' filter or an 'Or' filter.
  3. Filter On Fixed Data - This filters on the aggregated data.
  4. Field - This chooses what field the filter will be placed on.
  5. Add Filter - Adds the filter.
  6. Add Filter Group - Creates a filter group.


  1. Field - Chooses what field you wish to sort on.
  2. Add Sort - Adds the sort.
  3. Ascending/Descending Toggle - Choose wether you are sorting by Acsending or Descending.
  4. Remove All - Remove all Sorts.
  5. Remove Sort - Remove selected Sort.

Save(s) Tab

  1. Search - Search views.
  2. Run View - Run selected view.
  3. Edit View - Edit selected view.
  4. Remove View -Remove selected view.