Documentation and SupportV5 User Manual Scheduled Jobs System ToolWhat are the Scheduled Jobs System Tool Elements?

What are the Scheduled Jobs System Tool Elements?

Note: This document has been deprecated since Scheduled Jobs have been replaced with Flows. For information about the change, click here.  For information about Flows, please click here.

1. Title


The breadcrumbs allow the user to see where the table they are currently viewing is in relation to the folders.  Clicking any of the names will open up the navigation to the desired area.

1.2. System Sandwich

The System Sandwich contains the ability to go to add the System Tool to a workspace, and close the tool.

System Sandwich

1.3. System Tool Name

This is what system tool that you are currently in.

1.4. Description

This is the description of the system tool.

2. Scheduled Job Info

Scheduled Job Info

2.1. Tool Sandwich

The Tool Sandwich contains the options to Save, Save as, and Delete.

Tool Sandwich

2.2. Name

What the scheduled job is named.

2.3. Description

What the description of the scheduled job will be.

2.4. Start Date

2.5. End Date

2.6. Update Frequency

Once) The Job runs once and never again.

Hourly) The Job runs every hour.

Daily) The Job runs once every day.

Weekly) The Job runs once every week.

Monthly) The Job runs once a month.

Update Frequency

2.7. Frequency Time

This changes depending on the choice made in Update Frequency.  This governs what time/day the Job will run.

3. Scheduled Job Details

These are the steps that the Job will perform.

Scheduled Job Details