How do I create a Facebook Connector?

Navigate to the Wizards Menu.

2. Enter the Facebook Data.

Enter the Facebook Data.

2.1. Name

The name of the wizard. This will help you identify it later.

2.2. Description

Anything that would help you further identify the use of this wizard can be typed here.

2.3. Wizard Type

This is a choice between Connection and Template. For this case, we'll be using Connection.

2.4. Type

This is a list of all the connectors available. For this case, we'll be using Facebook.

2.5. Authorize Facebook

When you're ready to log into your Facebook account, click this button. It will open up another secure window where you can enter your credentials.

3. Authorize Facebook.

You will get a pop-up window after click the Facebook button. If you don't, please check your pop-up blocker. Log into Facebook as you normally would in this screen.

4. Facebook will ask for permission to connect.

If you wish to finish the connection, select 'Accept'.

5. Your connection is ready to use.

You can navigate back to this menu at any time to make additional changes.

Your connection is ready to use.