What are the Form System Tool Elements?

1. Title


1.1. Breadcrumbs

The breadcrumbs allow the user to see where the table they are currently viewing is in relation to the folders.  Clicking any of the names will open up the navigation to the desired area.

1.2. System Sandwich

The System Sandwich contains the ability to go to the URL for the Form, add the System Tool to a workspace, and close the tool.

System Sandwich

1.3. System Tool Name

This is what system tool that you are currently in.

1.4. Description

This is the description of the system tool.

2. Form Info

Form Info

2.1. Tool Sandwich

The Tool Sandwich contains the options to Save, Save as, and Delete.

Tool Sandwich

2.2. Name

What the form is named.

2.3. Table

This is what table the form is linked to.

2.4. Theme

This is where you set what theme your form will use.  See the Themes chapter for how to create these.

2.5. Type

This allows you to set what type of form this is.  The options are Select, Add, Edit, and Remove. To view what each options does please see the form types article.

2.6. Allow Paste

This option will allow you to enter records containing the same value multiple times.

2.7. Form Key

This is the forms key.  This is a key given to the form by the system and this can not be changed.

2.8. Form URL User

This allows you to create a URL based on a specific user account.  If you use this feature it will allow you to turn off a user account and the form will no longer be available.  This would allow you to create a form for a vendor and if that vendor were ever replaced you can turn off that account so the form can never be accessed again.

2.9. Form URL

This is the URL you will use to access this form via the web without entering the system.

3. Form Element(s)

This is where you add what elements your form will contain.  Depending on the type of form you are creating, this will select, add, edit, or remove the fields you have in this section.

Form Element(s)

4. Export on Submit

This option will allow you to set an export that will redirect you when your form is submitted.  To use this option you will have to already have the export set up within your table.  To set an export up, please view the table export options.

Export on Submit