What are the Customer System Tool Elements?

1. Tool Sandwich

Tool Sandwich

Allows user to add Customer Tool to Workspace

2. Customer Info Sandwich

Save: saves updated customer information

Save As: creates a copy of customer

Delete: removes customer

Customer Info Sandwich

3. Customer Info

Standard Business Information: Name, Address, Address cont., City, State, Zip, Phone, URL

MySQL Password, and Confirm MySQL Password: change the MySQL connection password (6 character min.)

FTP Password, Confirm FTP Password: change the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) password (6 character min.)

Logo: upload company logo

Customer Key: unique key assigned to customer accounts

Customer Info

4. Customer Info (Continued)

Shows MySQL and FTP connection information (password obfuscated)

GPG: required to encrypt information

Customer Info (Continued)

5. User List

List of users with access to system

User List