What are the Fix (Table Grid View) Elements?

1. Title


The breadcrumbs allow the user to see where the table they are currently viewing is in relation to the folders.  Clicking any of the names will open up the navigation to the desired area.

1.2. System Sandwich

The System Sandwich contains the ability to add the Table to a workspace or your favorite list, go to the system tool of the table, and close the table. (Edit table is only available to system admins.)

System Sandwich

1.3. Table Name

This is how the table is named throughout the system.  If you are looking at a view or chart it will be in brackets after the Table Name.

1.4. Description

The user entered description of the table.

Menu Bar

2.1. Toggle Fix Tool

This toggles the Fix tool when in other tools.

2.2. Toggle Flare Tool

This toggles the Flare tool when in other tools.

2.3. Toggle Flow Tool

This toggles the Flow tool when in other tools.

2.4. Toggle File Tool

This toggles the File tool when in other tools.

2.5. Add Record

This opens the Add Record(s) modal for you to add new records to the table.

2.6. Copy Record

This opens the Copy Record(s) modal for you to copy and edit copied records.

2.7. Edit Record

This opens the Edit Record(s) modal for you to edit any selected records.

2.8. Edit As Text

This opens up the Edit as Text modal to allow you to edit an selected records in a text editor.

2.9. Records To Text

This opens up the Records to Text modal to allow you to quickly copy the record(s) you have selected.

2.10. Delete Record(s)

This allows you to delete records from the table. The modal will pop up and tell you how many records you have selected and a prompt if you are sure you want to delete the selected records.

2.11. Export Data

This tool contains all of the options to create a Data Export from the table.

2.12. Import Data

This tool contains all of the options quickly Import data into the table.

2.13. Total(s)

This button toggles the totals row at the bottom of the table.

2.14. Pivot Data

This allows you to set up a Pivot View.

2.15. Table Notes

This is where the notes that users create are stored to be viewed.

2.16. Show SQL

This allows you to see the SQL code used to create the view you are looking at. (Developer user only)

3. The Grid

3.1. Column Headers

These are headers for all the columns, also called fields.

3.2. Grid

This is where all of the work is done with the data.

3.3. Records Per Page

For larger tables this sets how many rows are in each page for viewing.

3.4. Record Count

This keeps track of how many records are in the table as well as what ones you are currently viewing.

3.5. Page Select

This shows what page you are on as well as how many pages are in the table.  Previous and Next allows you to navigate through the pages of the table or you can enter what table you wish to go to.