How do I Login?

1. Go to the #COM# login page

Navigate to https://#URL#/

The Login Page

1.1. Log in with your Username and Password

2. Congratulations - You Are Logged in!

Congratulations - You Are Logged in!

2.1. If you had tables/dashboards open when you last quit, you will receive a notification about resuming.

Resume Work Dialog
  1. The tables/dashboards that were not closed before the user quit. These are the tables/dashboards that would be opened automatically upon login. The order can be changed by clicking and holding on the desired item and dragging it to a different position. Whichever table/dashboard is last in the list will be the one that is visible after login.
  2. Never button. Click this button to opt-out of receiving further resume notifications.
  3. Yes and No buttons. Click 'Yes' to open the tables/dashboards in the list. Click 'No' to decline.

3. To Log Out, select the Peg Person in the top Left of your Screen

Click "Peg Person" and then "Log Out"

3.1. You have been logged out.

You have been logged out.